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'Sleep Walking', a Song about Listening to Dreams

The song Sleep Walking came to me after a long bike ride down the west coast from Seattle to Arcata, CA. I went on a two month tour in 2005 meandering down the coast, playing at coffee shops and other small venues along the way. During that tour, I met lots of people and fans who sometimes got close enough to ride along for a while and even enter my dreams. But the time always came for us to part ways and for me to journey on.

This little number is about one such meeting with a fan who turned out to want more from me than I could give and who took more from me than I realized. After our dreamy encounter on the road and on the beach, I dreamt that a giant seagull flew down and knocked me over before I got back up and discovered I could fly. In the dream, I knew it was time to let go of the experience with the fan and sail off in my own direction.

Enjoy the rich sounds of the cello mixed in with the shimmering effect on the guitar that lulls the listener into a dreamy state-of-mind.

Special thanks to Steve Pingry for playing cello on this piece and to Matthew Sanborn for both playing on it and recording it.

Thank you for listening to the song Sleep Walking while enjoying the story of where it came from. If you like what you are hearing, please consider purchasing my original music by visiting the Shop tab at

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