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Spinning & Weaving, A Collection of Songs by Thistle

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

"Many of the songs in Spinning and Weaving touch the mythic: a dream wolf, a cradle of moon and stars, ancient women weaving messages of courage. The mythic, for Thistle, has its bedrock in the beloved earth. A biophilic theme pulses through these songs: the garden creates spiritual food as well as vegetables, and the elemental forces of rain and sun, the cycles of night and day, offer quiet, constant renewal. Even the sad songs are infused with hope when this indomitable songbird makes her joyous noise. Her spirit just can’t be broken." - Lierre Keith

It's November 1st, 2021, and I am releasing my new album of original music, Spinning & Weaving, today! After finding I had some time on my hands due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and so did my old friend Matthew Sanborn, I decided to head back into the studio with a new album idea and vision for a labor of love. Matthew did a fantastic job of creating harmony lines and bass lines throughout the process of putting it all together. Thank you, Matthew, for lending your musical talents and expertise to this project!

We had a wonderful time meeting in Matt's basement studio once a week over the Winter and Spring months of 2020 and 2021 to lay down guitar, voice, synth, bongos and other tracks to add layers and textures to this collection of songs.

I'd also like to thank Steve Tyska and Lara Julian for contributing their amazing trumpet and harmony lines respectively to a couple of songs on the album.

Elizabeth Miller put out a book in 2021 by the same title, Spinning & Weaving, a feminist anthology that she commissioned me to write a song for. I highly recommend both my album and her book, which can be purchased here.

To buy Spinning & Weaving, the musical album, click on this link. Thank you for your continued interest and support of my music career. I hope these songs help us all to feel the wind on our faces, the sun warming our bones, and the beauty of being alive on this green Earth. Enjoy!

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