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'Sword', a song about peace

After a couple of months on the road riding our bicycles from Madison to Texas, I was in the rhythm of biking every day, setting up camp, and dreaming at night from America's highways. It was during this time that I wrote the song Sword, about a new partnership model of relating I hoped would emerge from the rubble of civilization as it collapses on itself. I had just finished the book The Chalice and the Blade by Rianne Eisler, an inspiration for the song.

Something I remember from that trip is seeing wild boars running through the woods as we rode our bikes. It made me think of how we might hunt, forage and grow food again once our society becomes so chaotic we must retreat into small bands in the woods to survive. If you enjoy Sword and would like to support my independent original music, please check out the shop tab on my website to buy a variety of my albums and songs.

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