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Exploring Flight & Shadows

Over the course of my adventures in the early 2000s, I met lots of people who later came to visit me once I settled down again in Madison.

One such visitor is the subject of my song, Shadow Wing, about a young man who loved tattoos and bicycles, and was someone I corresponded with long after my Washington, Oregon, and California bicycle adventures were over.

He planned a bicycle adventure of his own from the West Coast across the country and came to visit me, along with his friends, in Madison at the community farm I lived at.

I discovered that his cynical ways were not in alignment with my more optimistic view but we were able to come to a common understanding of who we were to ourselves and each other nonetheless.

We did this by correspondence, over the course of about a year before his visit to the farm. By the end of it all, we became friends and bonded over our love of the bicycle and the places it will take you. Enjoy the song Shadow Wing and consider buying it, along with my other original songs, under the Shop tab on this website.

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